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This bit is all about me

I’ve been a full-time working journalist since graduating from journalism school in the 1980s - yep, that’s a long time.

Since then I’ve worked at CBC radio and at several newspapers, my last real job was as the food editor, wine writer and a senior feature writer in the lifestyle department of the Calgary Herald. I’m now a free agent, as they say. I was the food columnist for CBC radio in Alberta for more than a decade, and now live on the west coast, with a regular food column in YAM magazine. I continue to write for a variety of newspapers and magazines, contributing food and travel stories to EAT, Doctor’s Review, NUVO, Vacations magazine among others.

My byline has also appeared in many other Canadian and U.S. publications, including  Globe and Mail, the National Post, Wine Spectator, Canadian Geographic, Chatelaine, up! , Cooking Light, relish!, Westworld, Wine Access  Food Service & Hospitality, Soar, Executive Travel, Canadian Living and City Palate, and I continue to pitch my ideas and stories to publications across Canada and around the world.

These days, I spend a lot of time on the road, reporting on food, wine and destination stories around the world, and pitching them to a variety of markets here in Canada and abroad. If you read anything here on my site that you’d like to buy (or would like to hire me write something else), by all means, send me an email. I’ve recently travelled to southern Italy, the Andes and Amazon in Peru, Prague, coastal England, China’s central mountains, Malaysia, Hawai’i, and across Canada (to cool spots like Tofino on Vancouver Island, the wineries of the Okanagan, and outports on Fogo Island in Newfoundland and the Magdalens in Quebec).

And yes, I write books, too - cookbooks. A last count there were five including my book about regional prairie food,  High Plains: The Joy of Alberta Cuisine, which was the first Canadian cookbook to win both the Canadian Food and Culture Award, and the Gold Medal as the  top Canadian English-language cookbook from Cuisine Canada, an organization of culinary professionals. High Plains was also featured at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., in 2006, as part of an event celebrating Alberta’s unique Canadian culture. I’m pretty proud of that.

My latest cookbook, which addresses the global issue of food waste and its impact on the environment, is The Waste Not Want Not Cookbook - one that’s been featured in the National Post, the Vancouver Sun, the Edmonton Journal, and on CBC radio programs across the country. It’s also a finalist in the 2016 IACP (International Association of Culinary Professionals) book awards.

I’ve written other books, The Wild West Cookbook, the newly updated 225 Best Pressure Cooker Recipes cookbook (Robert Rose), and the new dynamic duo, The Girl Can’t Cook, and The Guy Can’t Cook (Whitecap), handbooks for the cooking challenged among us (or for anyone who just needs a collection of great, well-tested and modern recipes that will work perfectly and make you happy when you need to eat, whatever the occasion).

I’ve also contributed to several recipe collections (Dishing and Double Dishing, the Complete Canadian Living Cookbook - that’s my recipe photographed on the cover - Shellfish, A Good Catch, and my latest fave, The Genius of James Barber).

And before I leave the shameless self promotion, I have won some awards for my work - in 2007, the Travel Alberta Alto Award for travel writing and in 2006, a national eco-tourism writing award from the Travel Media Association of Canada, a professional organization representing travel journalists in Canada. I also have two first place writing awards from the international Association of Food Journalists for food reporting and food feature writing.

I took home two of the five 2011 national travel writing awards from the Travel Media Association of Canada, for best food/wine feature and best cultural/historical feature and was just shortlisted for the Saskatchewan Tourism travel media award. I picked up a few TMAC awards in 2010, 2013 and 2014, too.  Second place winner in 2014 for TMAC’s Best Environmental/Responsible Tourism Feature and Best Culinary Tourism Feature and first place for the Best Food and Drink feature in 2016.

You  might find me speaking at a conference, cooking on television or teaching a hands-on cooking class, which I’m also happy to do (for money or for a good cause - let me know how I can help). But I am a journalist first and foremost. I write editorial, not advertorial, and my opinions are not for sale - but will write for hire, byline excluded.

I have created all of the stories and photos that you see on this site and, editors note,  they’re all for sale. I’m always happy to rewrite or take on a new reporting or new book assignment, too.

You can follow my adventures on Instagram @TasteReporter too.

There are always too many great tales and never enough good homes for them, so let’s talk!

Cinda is a member in good standing of the Travel Media Association of Canada (TMAC), the American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA) and The Association of Food Journalists (AFJ).

All of the material on this site - both photographs and words - have been created by Cinda Chavich, unless otherwise credited.