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Team Canada at Bocuse

25 Best Things to Eat in Calgary (2007)

Best Things (2004-2006)

25 Best Things to Eat 2010

Eat local for Earth Day

Teach a guy to cook


Basic French Sauces

how to cook a steak

making pasta

Wood-oven pizza


Hosting a 100-Mile Dinner in winter

Hosting a 100-Mile Dinner in summer

Sorting out trans fats

Rotisserie cooking

Cool Kamado smokers

Sustainable food shopping


Haute Chocolate

New healthy grass-fed beef

Pastured pork

Discovering heirloom beans

Taste Report: ham

Foie gras

buffalo mozzarella

Heirloom potatoes

Chinese noodles

Healthy oats

saskatoon berries

Canadian lobster

B.C. Spot Prawns

Prairie Lentils

Culinary tourist:

A Canadian regional feast

Sailing with a Maine chef

North Carolina BBQ

Kelowna’s food scene

Local Bounty: Acadian rappie pie

Local Bounty: Cloud berries

Eating cod tongues in Newfoundland

Local Bounty: Prairie Pickerel

PEI Chowderhounds

Local Bounty: Tasting wild leeks (aka ramps) in Muskoka

White Truffles in Alba

Canadian Lobster

Tasting haggis in Scotland

Vegetarian dishes in Greece

Wales: new culinary hot spot

Pie along the Cowboy Trail

Making pasta by hand in Italy

Ethical Foie Gras in Quebec

Ethnic food:

Matzoh bread


Cooking Chinese Dumplings

Haggis for Robbie Burns

Halal meat shops

Making sushi

In season:

Preserving salsa


Wild Turkeys

About morel mushrooms

Asparagus season

Rhubarb: the new pomegranate?

Spring lamb


Taste Report: A World of Citrus

Tourtiere for Christmas

Fall fermentation: sauerkraut

Packing a perfect picnic

B.C. Spot Prawns


Banff’s Daniel Buss

Toronto’s Bruce Woods in Napa

Kitchen equipment:

Breville Espresso Machine

winter recipes...

Cooking with mushrooms.

Warm and creamy seafood chowder

How to cook a holiday turkey - with gravy - from scratch!


food stories


New guidebook for guys
News flash. Guys who cook are the new rock stars. If you want some of that action - or just want to learn to feed yourself, your family and your friends, Cinda Chavich’s new book can save the day. From the best everyday meals to cool dinner parties, cocktails, slow barbecue and how to cook that catch of salmon, it’s a godsend for guys.

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listen to Cinda cook with Don Genova on Food for Thought...Entries/2007/6/30_TREND__Teach_a_guy_to_cook.htmlhttp://www.canada.com/calgaryherald/news/reallife/story.html?id=7d2a5dc3-00d1-474b-a1c9-d583a35169ddhttp://blog.dongenova.com/2007/09/all-you-can-e-1.htmlshapeimage_6_link_0shapeimage_6_link_1shapeimage_6_link_2

Dinner 911:

Guess who’s coming to dinner? Cooking a classic Sunday roast for the in-laws.

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